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Regional recycling Center West bv is an operating company of the Ecovere Holding in the Hague that in Zuid-Holland a leading position in the field of recycling of debris, wood waste and construction and demolition waste to valuable secondary building and ground-fuels

RSW is a modern dynamic company with a leading position in the fields of development and operation of waste and biomass. Looking for customized solutions, RSW is quickly to address the necessary developments needed for a sustainable world.

In all our sustainability and corporate social responsibility activities get ample attention. By recycling waste streams is saved on scarce raw materials.

Labour care is our company of paramount importance. All our products and services meet the high demands associated with the certificates that apply to our activities. Practices and processes of RSW must comply with the bat to satisfy the IPPC European directive.

Regional sorting Center West was founded in april 1994, but has a long history. The company originated the cooperative ECO which was founded immediately after the flood disaster in 1953 to transport to and from the disaster area to coordinate in Zeeland.

The ECO cv exists today still as an Association of 15 collecting and waste processing companies with the slogan "joint waste care"

The history of RSW reports that began in 1994 on a small terrain of 3000 m2 where was manually sorted.

After the building of a sorting area and a debris breaking hall in 1998 the area covers such a 15000 m2 and is fully walled by stacked lego-concrete blocks.

In addition to the sorting company and debris breaking are the other activities : composting, land bank and reprocessing of biomass.

Nowadays RSW processes around 150.000 tonnes of waste into raw material and is a supplier of primary and secondary building materials.

Responding to a significant annual growth of a dynamic company in an ever-changing market in which we with our knowledge and services a substantial contribution to conserving energy and CO2 emissions.